CRUADALACH is Czech folk core band with specific instrumental line-up. Violins, bagpipe, shawms and recorder are played without any samples all live during their shows. The energic shows led by the excentric frontman are also Cruadalach’s brand. At the beginning, Cruadalach´s creation was mainly influenced by medieval and Celtic themes. As time is running, band gets more and more its own identity and style. In new form of Cruadalach, metal blends with punk/HC and also with many folklore influences. Lyrics in both Czech and English language, often inspired by legends, reflect inner struggles, values of humankind and spirituality of being in general.

History of Cruadalach:

2017: Cruadalach wins Czech national contest of metal bands “Spark Fresh Blood 2016”. The band continues in benefit activities for the victims of Colectiv fire.

2016: Three bandmembers left the Band: Frontman Jan, guitarist Tom and drummer Datel. They were replaced by Petr (vocals), Halfred (guitars) and Tom Kasprzyk (battery). Cruadalach participated on recording of benefit compilation CD called “Back to Life – A Tribute to Goodbye To Gravity”, which will raise money for victims of the tragic fire in Romanian club Colectiv. This CD was released by Universal Romania.

2015: With the help of crowdfunding campaign, Cruadalach released their newest CD “Rebel Agains Me” under the Czech label MetalGate. The band started to organize and play at benefit gigs.

2013 – 2014: Cruadalach played at tens of Czech and foreign gigs per year, so as they did in the years before. Filip (violoncello) left the band and was replaced by violin player Eliška.

2012: The band supported Vienna Paganfest with Eluveitie, Korpiklaani, Solstafir, Equilibrium and the others, played tens of other gigs in clubs and at the festivals. Guitarist Aleš left the band and was replaced by Pigboss.

2011: In February, Cruadalach released their EP “Agni – Unveil What´s Burning Inside” via Pařát Magazine, in November, their first full-time CD “Lead Not Follow” was released by the German label Black Bards (licenced by MetalGate for Czech Republic) and were going a tour over Germany together with Suidakra or Waylander.

2010: Cruadalach released their first demo “V rytmu staré krve”, were on tour with Abstract (SK) and Six Degrees of Separation, Ondra completed the band´s line-up with his bass. Gabriela (violoncello) joined the band for few months and then left it definitely. First swap gigs with foreign bands were realized, under the festival name Samhainfest(later also Beltinefest).

2009: The band got name Cruadalach. Filip (violoncello), Tom (guitar) and finally Jan (vocals, lyrics) joined the band and in September Cruadalach was going for it´s first tour over Czech and Slovak Republic, side by side with Dissolving of Profigy.

2008: Datel, Aleš, Honey and Petra began to rehearse in a newly arising formation, together with Petr Staněk (vocals, guitar) and Gabriela (violoncello), who both left the project before its completion.









2010: V RYTMU STARÉ KRVE (demo)

digital release, self-released